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Education Research: Challenges, Training Techniques and Improvements


Education research

Geert Driessen, Frederik Smit and Cees Klaassen: Connecting Ethnic Minority Parents to School: From Empirical Research to Practical Suggestions

Editors: Benita Montaño and Aaron Chacón

Book Description:
This book presents current research in the study of education, with a particular focus on the training techniques for educators and educational improvements. Topics discussed include connecting ethnic minority parents to school; school development in Hong Kong early childhood education; examining students’ attitudes to the mobile phone as an educational tool; relevant literature to the training of educators; instructional expenditures and accountability ratings; school and classroom diversity effects on cognitive and non-cognitive student outcomes; problem-solving as a component of the constructivist view of learning and the call for educational game design patterns. (Imprint: Nova)

Table of Contents:
Preface pp. i-x

Mothers’ Perspective on Caring for School-Aged Children With Chronic Health Problems
(Cecilia Obeng and Julie James)pp. 1-8

Connecting Ethnic Minority Parents to School: From Empirical Research to Practical Suggestions
(Geert Driessen, Frederik Smit and Cees Klaassen) pp. 9-20

School Development in Hong Kong Early Childhood Education: Understanding Progress Eight Years After the Implementation of School Improvement Initiatives pp. 21-32
(Yuen-ling Li)

Examining Students’ Attitudes to the Mobile Phone as an Educational Tool
(Norazah Mohd Suki) pp. 33-46

Communication and Conflict: A Review of the Literature Relevant to the Training of Educators pp. 47-68
(Jennifer Mahon)

Instructional Expenditures and Accountability Ratings: A Multi-Year Statewide Study
(Timothy B. Jones and John R. Slate)pp. 69-78

School and Classroom Diversity Effects on Cognitive and Non-Cognitive Student Outcomes
(Eddie Denessen, Geert Driessen and Joep Bakker) pp. 79-90

Problem-Solving as a Component of the Constructivist View of Learning (Michael Gr. Voskoglou)pp. 91-110

On the Awareness of UAE University Engineering Students with
ABET Accreditation
(Abdel-Hamid I. Mourad and Mohamed Y.E. Selim) pp. 111-126

Call for Educational Game Design Patterns
(Kristian Kiili) pp. 127-140

A Step-by-Step Guide To Students: How To Avoid Plagiarism
(Rakesh Sharma)pp. 141-152

Iranian Secondary Schools: Challenges for Using ICT in 21st Century (Bibi Eshrat Zamani) pp. 153-182

Index pp. 183-194

Education in a Competitive and Globalizing World
Binding: Hardcover
Pub. Date: 2013- January
Pages: 204, 7 x 10 (NBC – M)
ISBN: 978-1-61470-315-0
Status: AV

Onderzoeksrapport variatie in schooltijd en onderwijskwaliteit


Ministerie van OCW
In opdracht van het ministerie van OCW heeft het ITS van de Radboud Universiteit – op basis van een internationale literatuurstudie – onderzocht wat de effecten zijn van flexibele/individuele onderwijstijden op de onderwijskwaliteit, i.c. cognitieve en niet-cognitieve effecten bij kinderen. Het accent van het onderzoek lag op evaluatieve studies waarin op wetenschappelijke wijze en volgens gangbare methodologisch standaarden effecten van variaties in onderwijstijd en onderwijskwaliteit waren bepaald.

Tweede Kamer
Het onderzoeksrapport wordt voor de zomervakantie naar de Tweede Kamer verstuurd.

Frederik Smit, Geert Driessen & Jos van Kuijk (2015). Variatie in schooltijd en
onderwijskwaliteit. Een internationale literatuurstudie naar effecten van verschillende invullingen van de onderwijstijd op de onderwijskwaliteit
. Nijmegen: ITS, Radboud Universiteit.

dr. Frederik Smit